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Nurturing Changemakers, Storytellers,

Action-takers and Global Citizens.

Global Child climate program

#Decarbonize is the world's largest, multilingual school-based program on climate education, advocacy, art, and action.

Through the lens of global citizenship we connect:

6 Continents

75+ Countries

100s of Schools

10,000s of Students

100,000s hours of collaboration

#Decarbonize uses virtual technology to ​bring together the voices and lived ​experiences of children ages 5-18, ​centring them in digital climate learning ​to increase empathy, perspective-​taking, belonging, and action.

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climate program

Akshat Singh, 15, India

The #Decarbonize Manifesto is a call for action to climate stakeholders around the world.

  • Co-authored by #Decarbonize children
  • Amplifies the lived experiences and voices of young people impacted by climate change
  • Gives children a platform to ensure that solutions and approaches are shaped by their knowledge and experiences
  • Provides clear steps forward in the pursuit of climate education and action

The #Decarbonize Manifesto ensures the involvement and empowerment of young people in the climate process.

Waves of Change

Canada 2024

Waves of Change

Canada 2024

Previous Child Climate Manifestos

#Decarbonize nurtures global citizens who have a deep and nuanced understanding of how climate change is impacting the world in which they live, and who are willing to take action to address these issues.



Glasgow, Scotland


No COP (COVID) > Virtual Presentation to UNFCCC



Madrid, Spain

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Learning Timeline

2023 - 2024

Step 3 - Student Climate Summit at COP28

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Students from around the world come together at UNFCCC COP

Step 4 - Continentals

Step 2 - Bilaterals

Countries come together to discuss political and policy implications reflecting & building on bilateral exchanges.

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Countries are paired Global South : Global North. Students meet and explore connections.

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Step 5 - action!

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Step 1 - nationals


Every school pledges to turn their learning into action, developing a local plan.


Students look at local & national climate issues, alongside policy and international commitments.

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Global Student Connections

Students want to make a real impact and have a sense ​of belonging, identity, and purpose. .

In #Decarbonize, students learn through,

  • Collaborative, project-based activities - tailored to ​their language, learning level, and cultural needs
  • Blog posts, discussion boards, podcasting, video ​production, art creation, and live, interactive ​videoconferences
  • Whole-school action projects

The #Decarbonize Global Child Climate program builds ​global citizens through shared storytelling and empathy ​building.

Students develop an understanding of how climate ​change is impacting the world, and build the skills to take ​action to address these issues.

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The climate crisis needs more than laws and policies. It also needs human creativity and imagination. It needs all the diverse voices to inspire our desire for change.

Art helps children better understand complex topics. Teaching climate change in, with, and through art is an impactful tool for teachers to help children learn about this global issue, help them to see solutions, and express themselves.

Below are links to FREE lesson plans and our GLOBAL ART GALLERY to showcase the thoughts, hopes and fears of your students to the world.

Primary Curriculum

Secondary Curriculum

Global Art Gallery

Every year, art is chosen from the Global Art Gallery to display at the UN CLIMATE CONFERENCE!

Your student could have their art on display at the world's largest global climate meeting!

Getting Started with #Decarbonize


Attend a 2023 Program Information Session

We hold information events throughout the year. Click the link above to here more about how you can integrate this program into your classrooms or eco club!

Student Studying Online

Get your students ONline!

Everything that students need to get started in online and ready to go is available on our Teacher Webguide. Click here for a preview.You can start your international collaborations today!

COP may have officially closed for 2024, but the​ positive media stories are rolling in! ​

Our teachers and students were profiled in​ media stories around the world. We are thrilled​ to share their accomplishments.​

Read some of the news highlights!​

The Standard


Press enquiries: If you are a journalist looking for interviews, comments or information, please get in touch with our offices at sarah@cgeducation.org

#Decarbonize Partners

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Awards & Recognition

#Decarbonize Leads

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Sarah Flynn is the Director for the Centre for Global Education. She has a BSc in Molecular Genetics, an MA in Sociology, and is currently completing a PhD in Sociology at the University of Alberta. Sarah has worked in biomedical and clinical research and was formerly the Assistant Director of the Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services, University of Alberta. Sarah has been an adjunct instructor and has a number of peer reviewed publications in her cv. Sarah also likes to think she makes the best double chocolate chip toffee cookies. Ever.

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Online Learning Coordinator

Rebecca is the Online Education Coordinator for the Centre for Global Education. She has a B.Ed. from the University of Alberta in Secondary Education with a major in Biological Sciences and a minor in Mathematics. Rebecca comes from a rural area in Northern Alberta, Canada and has had the pleasure to work closely with many Indigenous youth in the classroom. She combines her passion for youth engagement, climate action, and social justice to inspire thousands of youth in her role at CGE.


Sarah Flynn, Director


Rebecca Moon, Online Learning Coordinator


Centre for Global Education


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